Straight Nonsense: Movements and Nonsense Tumblr

Here at Movements and Nonsense we love to find new material to help share to everyone that knows us and likes to follow us.  No matter what it is, Music, Art, or Nonsense, we know that people will love it.  That’s why we started a Tumblr account awhile back.

The Tumblr hardly follows the path that this site does because we see our Tumblr page as a pure random-nonsense-awesomeness zone.  We reblog the shit out of people, find creative designs, random artists, and low profile artists through this site.  Most of what we post are pictures of randoms.  That’s what it is made for, right?

So be sure to Follow the Movements and Nonsense Tumblr or atleast check it out for some random stuff!

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