Straight Nonsense : Lebron x Bosh’s Daughter {Instagram}

On 01/22/2014 by Pajama

Lebron Bosh Daughter

The perfect storm has just happened on Instagram.  It involves Lebron James

and the daughter of Chris Bosh.  Lebron posted a photo of him and Bosh’s daughter and how he was jealous of him because he does not yet have a little girl.  The reason that this is a perfect storm is that she has a “death grip” on Lebron’s crotch.  The Miami Heat really know how to entertain the world, whether it is on purpose or not.

You really have to start feeling bad for Bosh at this point though.  He looks like a dinosaur, he gets confetti stuck on his lip

, he makes a champagne shower

look highly sexual, and his daughter is already going after Lebron’s D.

Enjoy the Nonsense, kids.

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