Here at Movements and Nonsense we are all about bringing you Music, Art, and Nonsense.  Our goal is to introduce you to a variety of artists ranging from musicians, painters, photographers, and internet sensations.

The Music will come from genres like hip-hop, indie rock, folk, dubstep, electro, and many others.  The artists that our team posts will vary from talented local artists all the way to platinum recording artists.

The Art is a mixture of Fashion|Style, Photography, Graffiti, Sculpture, Architecture, and more.

The Nonsense is the widest genre.  Nonsense is anything from funny videos on the web, news, alcohol and food, open mic stories, and more.

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Streaming & Downloading

Are you having trouble downloading songs?

Here at Movements and Nonsense we like to use various forms of hosting and streaming links.  Sometimes it will be Soundcloud





, and the list goes on…

If a link is broken, let us know and we will find a new one for you.

For now, these are the most used below:

Soundcloud: You can stream the music by hitting the play button.  There is a downwards facing arrow on each streaming link.  This arrow allows you to download the song or to buy it.  Sometimes this arrow does not work or is just unavailable for download.  Let us know and we will help fix this problem.

Hulkshare: You can stream these songs by clicking the play button and it will stretch out.  There should be a grey box to the right that says download.  Sometimes the box will only say Hulkshare, this will mean that it is only available for streaming.  We have recently been hyperlinking

 many things in our posts.  To help with the problems of downloading, we hyperlink the title and artist name to allow you to go to a Hulkshare page that allows you to download the song(s).

Youtube & Vimeo: Both of these video players should allow you to view the selected music video or documentary.  Sometimes we use these players to stream leaked Music that is not downloadable or videos of Art and Nonsense.

Bandcamp: This player is used occasionally and has a hyperlink that reads “Download” below the play button.  When clicking this, the mp3 should automatically begin downloading to your computer.

Need some help navigating the site?

At the bottom of our Homepage

 you can view Featured posts and Random Posts from our site. You can also click on Music, Art, or Nonsense to only view that specific section of our content.

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