Steven Elliot : DASH {A Faster and Smarter Wallet}

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Claiming to be the world’s first quickdraw wallet, Steven Elliot created the DASH wallet when his dog, also named Dash, destroyed his previous big bulky George Costanza wallet. Not only is this wallet thinner, but it’s design allows for one to quickly slide out credit cards for a smooth purchase transaction.

Using black elastic fabric from recycled fibers, the DASH has 3 separate compartments for conveniently storing credit cards, cash and other important items. Elliot was extremely thoughtful in the design, using only one piece of fabric to create a durable and minimal frame.

The DASH wallet currently has a Kickstater campaign to help fund the project, and by becoming a backer, not only will you feel good for helping Steven reach his goal, but you will also walk away with your own DASH wallet.

Take a look at the video and the photos below, and consider backing the project if you are digging it!