18th Jan 2012

Skizzy Mars – Sirens {Remake}

Skiz The Rapper dropped a nice remake of his track “Sirens” and it is just what you expect from him.  The music that comes from Skizzy Mars is always solid,...

18th Jan 2012
Becky Wixon

Becky Wixon – Love Me Better

I love good musicians and their good music.  It makes writing posts so easy when you actually enjoy the content you are writing about, and this is certainly one of...

18th Jan 2012
Picture 1

Straight Nonsense : Shit Guys Say To Brown Guys

Shit Guys Say To brown Guys is a pretty funny video from JusReign.  The video is just one of many funny videos that have been popping up with the title...

18th Jan 2012

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die {Clams Casino Remix}

So despite what you may think of Lana Del Rey (I fall into the “Her music is okay, and she is really hot” camp), Clams Casino is probably the best...

18th Jan 2012

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid {stream}

Alright, we now have the second single from Sleigh Bells‘ highly anticipated second album “Reign of Terror”.  We heard the first single “Born To Lose” a while back here on...

18th Jan 2012

Prashant Chandra : The Lifebook

This fresh design comes to us from Prashant Chandra and has been making some headway on creating “The Lifebook”, which would transform your social media life from multiple gadgets into,...

18th Jan 2012
Basement Party (Modjo x Cool Kids Edit)

Chi Duly – Basement Party {Modjo x The Cool Kids}

I actually dropped Chi Duly a message on Soundcloud the other day just saying that I enjoy all his edits/mixes and  now we have another dope mix from him  Modjo and The...

18th Jan 2012

DJ 21azy – Just The Player’s Anthem {Biggie Smalls, UGK & Outkast}

A solid mash from DJ 21azy dropped roughly two weeks ago.  How I missed it, not really sure, but it is pretty dope.  He mixes/mashes up some Biggie Smalls, UGK,...

18th Jan 2012

Michael Francis – Pony 2012

Every day people attempt to cover or remake popular songs, and they generally fail miserably. There are always some gems out there that far exceed any expectations that the listener...