09th Jan 2012

Claudio Parentela : Collage Paintings

Claudio Parentela is an Italian artist and freelance journalist who has some incredible collage paintings.  And when I say some, I actually mean a lot.  The paintings are sometimes chaotic...

09th Jan 2012
Picture 1

For Those Who Don’t Know : Christian’Dee

 For Those Who Don’t Know, meet Christian’Dee from Shreveport, LA.  This artist/producer has some damn talent!  All the songs that I have recently heard from the man have been ATCQ-esq,...

09th Jan 2012

Straight Nonsense : Gary Busey KIA Commercials

The people at Prime Time Advertising are genius for linking up with the one and only Gary Busey. He definitely creeped a lot of us out with his performances on...

09th Jan 2012

Mree – Lift Me Up {Official Music Video}

Not too long ago we posted an incredible video of Mree covering The Middle East’s “Blood”, which was the first I had ever heard of her and her music.  Well, I...

09th Jan 2012

Common – Stay Schemin’ (Remix) {Drake Diss}

Wowzer. What a way to start a week! I wake up and Twitter is going CRAZY over the new Drake diss track by Common. The Chicago MC goes in over...

09th Jan 2012

Straight Nonsense : Pro Bowler Fail

PBA Rookie Josh Blanchard had a rough outing during the World Championship of Bowling qualifier in Las Vegas this weekend. Not only did he have a 129 going into the...