08th Dec 2011

D-WHY – Kate Upton Is The Motto

The man D-WHY has just been killing it! “Kate Upton Is The Motto” is the newest release from the West Virginia repper/Manhattan dweller! Going over Drake’s “The Motto” (and also...

08th Dec 2011

Young L – Same Reason {video}

Off of Young L’s latest project, As I Float: The Great John Nash Mixtape, here is the official visual for the track “Same Reason.” The production on this track is...

08th Dec 2011

Mark Wagner – Dollar Broom

We love currency artwork here at M&N, so this new Dollar Push Broom by American artist Wark Wagner obviously caught our eye. To steal from Colossal, this “redefines the meaning...

08th Dec 2011

Straight Nonsense: Album Cover Artwork

I’m not sure at all what the origin of these photos is, but they are pretty damn cool.  I was just reblogging a ton of stuff on M&N’s Tumblr and spotted...

08th Dec 2011
Picture 1

Straight Nonsense: George Watsky vs. Mac Lethal {video}

Well, don’t we have a bunch of white dudes spittin’ HOT FIRE, like Dylan. I didn’t really think that there was anyone else who could do work on this track...

08th Dec 2011

Straight Nonsense: Why Men and Women Can’t Be Friends

To simply prove a point, two independent filmmakers, Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero, set out to find an age old question:  “Can Men and Women be just friends?” The little...